Pain Management:  Provider Information and Tools

This pain management website is designed to provide information and tools that are easy to access to assist providers in managing long-term chronic pain patients. These tools can improve and optimize patient outcomes such as improved functional status and enhanced quality of life through appropriate evaluation and treatment of patients on chronic opioid therapy.

Safe and effective chronic opioid therapy requires appropriate drug prescribing as well as ongoing assessment and management of risks associated with opioid use such as addiction and diversion. Optimally balancing benefits and risks of high-dose chronic opioid therapy is dependent on regular and comprehensive monitoring as well as anticipating and managing opioid-related adverse effects appropriately. 

This website includes the following information for clinicians:

  • Resources -

    • National guidelines and current recommendations for chronic opioid use in non-cancer related pain
    • Florida Blue Medical Coverage Guideline for Oxycodone ER
    • Florida Blue Medical Coverage Guideline for Oxymorphone ER
    • Florida's Prescription Drug Monitoring Program -  E-FORCSE information
  • Tools  -  for assessing and managing chronic pain including recommended tools for measuring pain, function and opioid addiction risk

  • Testing -  urine drug testing (UDT) information and guidelines

  • Patient Education - patient materials and resources