Risk Assessment

Opioid Risk Tool (ORT)

The Opioid Risk Tool is a preliminary validation tool for predicting aberrant behaviors in opioid-treated patients.  

Research Article by Lynn R. Webster, MD, and Rebecca M. Webster (PDF)

Opioid Risk Tool (PDF)


Diagnosis, Intractability, Risk, Efficacy (D.I.R.E.)

The D.I.R.E. tool assesses the risk of opioid abuse and suitability of candidates for long-term opioid therapy.  



Screener and Opioid Assessment for Patients with Pain-Revised (SOAPP-R)

The SOAPP-R tool predicts possible opioid abuse in chronic pain patients.



Screening Instrument for Substance Abuse Potential (SISAP)

The SISAP tool assesses individuals with a substance abuse history and high risk for opioid dependency or abuse.